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Spare part packages 

We offer customized spare part packages to suit our customers. By ordering a spare part kit, you can be certain that you will always have access to extra critical parts. The content of the spare part kit is up to you. If you are an expert, just send us the list of parts you want to receive, or if you are not so technical, contact us and we can help you assemble a kit containing all the critical parts needed for your system.

You have three options when it comes to a spare part kit:

                   >>we can keep a buffer stock for you,

                   >>you can receive spare part kits, or

                   >>you can become a Tekmart customer.

Buffer stock 

A buffer stock is an agreed upon set of spare parts that we promise to always have in stock at our our warehouse. As an example, you need a specific type of hard drive often, so we agree that we will always have, say, 50 of those hard drives reserved for you in our stock. When you need something from this buffer stock, you simply call us, and we send it to you immediately. In this case, we guarantee that we will always stock the products you need, so you do not have to worry about availability. This stock is going to be in our warehouse in Alberton, South Africa,  so normal delivery times will apply.

Spare part kits 

The second option is to have the spare part kit sent to you. Just like in the case of a buffer stock, we will agree together on the contents and the amounts. After we have made the agreement, we are going to send the spare part kit to your company. After you have received the kit, you are free to use them when you need them. This way you have immediate access to the critical parts, so you do not have to wait for delivery. Upon consumption, we will send replacements, so your spare part kit is always filled up.

Kemaza Comprehensive Package

The third option is our comprehensive solution. This solution is more fitting for bigger data centers and field service level technicians, as it is a viable alternative to maintaining your own warehouse and stock.

We recommend this solution if you need several spare parts in large volumes. Kemaza customers have 24/7 access to the products, through Tekmart, which is a subsidiary of Kemaza, which are kept in our warehouse of our logistics partner. You would need to be a registered client on our eCommerce portal to qualify for this option.

When you need something from the stock, you just have to call our logistics department and they will ship the part to you within a few hours. We take care of stock management, so you are free to focus on your business.

You can read more about this option on the Enterprise Spare Parts page.